A great quote to ponder…

Director: “Ahh… You’re a tough critic. Are you saying that we members of theaudience have a reality to which we should return? … ”
Major: ” Yes I am.”
Director: “For some who are watching the film, misery will be waiting for them the instant they go back to reality. You’re willing to accept responsibility for depriving these people of their dreams?”
Major: “No, I’m not. But dreams are meaningful when you work towards them in the real world. If you mearly live within the dreams of other people – its no different from being dead.”
Director: “You’re a realist”
Major: “If a romantic escapes from reality, then yes.”
Director: “You’re a strong girl, if the reality you believe in ever comes about, you give me a call. When it happens – thats the time we’ll leave this theater…”

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