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owning up…

Sunday, April 16th, 2006

I’ve slowly been accepting that I take on too much and never complete anything. Its a trend that is so clear, I cannot avoid it. That is all going to stop. I’m going to bite the bullet and halt all new tasks. I’m also going to go to some of the tasks i’m currently working […]


Saturday, April 15th, 2006

So, i’ve decided that these are my thoughts. I’m keeping the site public, but i’ve removed the links from my profile so the only way you’ll find it is if you type it in. It just doesn’t seem appropriate to let everyone into my head so easily, they have to want to… Alot has been […]

:: Smile ::

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

The more I read, and the more I learn, the more odd I find this world… Is this common? -Nick

When one door closes, sometimes its best to walk away

Wednesday, April 5th, 2006

In rare form, I’m actually going to talk about a girl… I so rarely do that as I wish to respect the boundries of that person’s privacy, yet, at this point, I don’t think it matters… So there was this girl that I liked. For a short time, I knew that she had some interest […]